Series of film screenings accompanying The Middle East Europe exhibition organized by Tamara Moyzes

Every Monday at 6 pm.
Free entry!

6. 2. 2012 Tamara Moyzes (CZ)
Documentary films Black Laundry, The Baker and the Prostitute, Adoption is God’s Work, dealing with aspects of queer life in Israel. Czech Republic, 2011, each 25 min., Hebrew with Czech subtitles.

13. 2. 2012 Elle Flanders & Tamira Sawatzky (CAN)
Presentation of audio-visual installation Road Movie currently being exhibited at this year’s Berlinale.

20. 2. 2012 Natasha Dudinski (IL)
Presentation of short films from the project Jerusalem Moments by Ir Amim:
Amber Fares and Avi Goldstein (IL/PS), documentary film Ghetto Town, Israel, 2009, 10 min.
Natasha Dudinski and Irit Eshet (IL), documentary film Green Dreams, Israel, 2011, 26 min.
Keren Shayo (IL), documentary film House Arrest, Israel, 2011, 20 min.

27. 2. 2012 Filip Remunda (CZ)
Film City of Angels created within the framework of the exchange program of Film and TV School of the Academy of the Performing Arts in Prague, Czech Republic, 2000, 25 min.
Ihab Jadallah (PS), feature film Flower Seller, Palestine, 2011, 25 min.

All February screenings will be followed by discussions with authors, which will be held in English, Czech, and Slovak respectively. All films are with original sound with English subtitles, unless stated otherwise.

5. 3. 2012 Suha Arraf (PS), documentary film Women of Hamas, Israel, 2011, 56 min.

12. 3. 2012 Joshua Faudem (IL/USA), documentary film Blues by the Beach, USA, 2004, 75 min.
Screening will be followed by the discussion with the director!

26. 3. 2012 Avi Mograbi (IL), documentary film Z32, Israel/France, 2008, 81 min.

2. 4. 2012 Nissim Mossek (IL), documentary film Who is Mordechai Vanunu?, USA, 2004, 117 min.

9. 4. 2012 Elle Flanders (CAN), documentary film Zero Degrees of Separation, Canada, 2005, 85 min.

The programme is subject to change.
Recommended reservations: tereza@dox.cz



26. 1. 2012 at 6 pm: Wolfram Kastner (DE)
Presentation of the artist’s political happenings

19. 3. 2012 at 6om: Sala-Manca Group (IL/ARG)
Performance West and East

15 . 4. 2012 (Sunday) 10–6pm:
“FAR TOO NEAR EAST” conference attended by artists, curators and experts on Middle East.

18. 4. 2012 (Wednesday), 6pm:
Exhibition opening: Khaled Jarrar State of Palestine, SPZ Gallery (www.galeriespz.com). The artist will stamp passports with his stamp of Palestinian state.
curated by Tamara Moyzes