Shlomi Yaffe (ISR) & Tamara Moyzes (SK)
Redemption of Zion (Video and Installation, 2011)

The project deals with the imaginary integration of Israel into the European Union. This provocative plan is introduced as a possible resolution to the conflict in the Middle East and Israel, confronts the hopes, fears, ideals, and indifference of citizens of both countries. The survey on the possible integration of Israel into Europe embodies a number of levels; it shows various mystifying documents that verify the Israeli-European contract, the foundation of the Euro with an Israeli motive, or artifacts such as the EU Israeli passport, as well as surveys and performative readings of the project‘s manifest. The authors of this particular plan for peace in the Middle East suggest that for decades Israel considers itself to be an inseparable part of European culture. It thus comes as no surprise that many representatives of the Israeli state would like to affirm their pertinence with Europe also politically. On the other hand, as those who defend ethnical homogeneity of the Jewish state point out, Israeli membership in European Union would enable the return of Palestinians living in Europe to Israel. The survey shows the fear of the downfall of the Jewish state.