I.Soldier, 2010


Se svolením Polaris Galerie, Paříž / courtesy Polaris Gallery, Paris

"The search for my individuality as a soldier takes place by observing other soldiers from above. I see them as individuals going through their daily exercises that have become a routine practice in their life. They belong to a military group, following a strict collective strategy that gradually wipes away individuality. All are subjugated to a well-planned ideological process that aims to unite them intellectually and physically. As a result we will stand before the process of planting the notion of a soldier within their own reference, and at that moment they will be entirely controlled. Observing the training of soldiers has given me the opportunity to discover the weaknesses of the individuality of the soldiers that reflects itself in spontaneous behavior that is far from any military order. I observed and re-observed them; I photographed them until I penetrated into the individuality of each soldier."